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Let’s take a look at what it takes to cosplay as the characters in Kill la Kill.

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Kill la Kill Cosplay Costumes of 2023

Discover your inner Kill la Kill character

While it has been quite a long while since Kill la Kill first came out, it still is one of the most visually striking anime series in the past decade. Since a big focus on the series is clothing, you can expect Kill la Kill to make for great cosplay, especially when it comes to its main characters. Let’s take a look at what it takes to cosplay as the characters in Kill la Kill.

What is Kill la Kill?

Kill la Kill is a series produced by Studio Trigger, who have since come out with other titles like Little Witch Academia, Darling in the Franxx, and BNA: Brand New Animal, among others. They were founded by former Gainax employees Hiroyuki Imaishi and Masahiko Otsuka, and Kill la Kill was their debut effort as Trigger.

The series follows Ryuko Matoi, a transfer student who just arrived in Honnouji Academy in search of her father’s killer. She comes to blows with the student council president, Satsuki Kiryuin, and her mother Ragyo’s fashion empire. At the center of this conflict are clothes imbued with Life Fibers, which gives the wearer incredible powers.

Clothes that are made entirely of Life Fibers are called Kamui, or God Robes. Ryuko wields a scissor blade and is looking for its twin, which is in the hands of her father’s killer. acquires Senketsu, a Kamui in the form of a school uniform who guides her through her quest and gives her power to fight against the powers-that-be in Honnouji. Satsuki wears the Kamui named Junketsu, making her a powerful adversary.

The story of Kill la Kill is about how one girl battles an entire authoritative institution and defeats one enemy after another in order to find her father’s killer. Along the way, she somehow helps those who rebel against the tyranny of Life Fibers and the system of authority in Honnouji.

How to Look Like Kill la Kill Characters

The most distinct physical features of Kill la Kill characters are their big fierce-looking eyes and their scowl. Among the main characters, perhaps the exception to this is Mako, who is certainly designed to round off Ryuko’s sharp edges.

With Ryuko and Satsuki, it’s their dark blue hair. Ryuko has shoulder-length hair with a left-swept red highlight on her bangs, while Satsuki has long hair that goes all the way down to her thighs. Meanwhile, Mako has light brown hair styled in a bowl cut.

Kill la Kill Cosplay Variations

Whichever Kill la Kill cosplay you choose, most of it is based on Japanese sailor school uniforms, so you can find plenty of those online that can be used as your base. These variations of Kill la Kill costume are striking and distinct, making them great for cosplay.

Ryuko Matoi

As the protagonist of Kill la Kill, she has a really striking look, especially with her dark colors contrasting all the white that tends to be seen throughout Honnouji, especially among its ranked members. Therefore, she stands out in the school, especially after donning Senketsu.

Senketsu is a sentient being in the form of a navy blue sailor uniform. In his “dormant” form, his upper jaw is a long-sleeved crop top that shows her midriff, and his bottom jaw is the skirt. His left eye is a red and yellow scarf, while his right eye is covered by a black “eyepatch” with an X-shaped scar on it. When Ryuko wears Senketsu, the skirt is held up by suspenders. She also wears a red glove on her left hand and white high-top sneakers.

She’s also seen in the series wearing orange bunny pajamas that are two sizes too small for her. Her underwear has white and baby blue stripes.

Satsuki Kiryuin

As Ryuko’s main adversary in the show, Satsuki is the opposite of Ryuko in many ways. While Ryuko postures herself as the lone warrior, Satsuki is a leader with powerful subordinates under her. Satsuki towers over everyone, while Ryuko looks up at her defiantly while everyone else bows their head.

Satsuki is tall and slim with an angular face, thigh-length dark blue hair with inward diamond-shaped bangs, blue eyes, thick eyebrows, and large bust. She seems to have a permanent scowl, although she does smile on rare occasions.

Junketsu is a cross between a school uniform and a military officer uniform. Its dormant form is a white long-sleeved dress with gold trim, gold clasps on the left upper arm, epaulettes on the shoulders, and short skirt, as well as a blue neckerchief with yellow and blue stripes for “eyes,” much like Senketsu. She also wears white thigh-high high-heeled boots with blue trim and carries her Secret Sword Bakuzan.

She would later cut her hair to shoulder length in a page boy style at the end of the series as a symbol of her letting go of her past self. She wears a white long-sleeved collared top, sky blue knee-length skirt, and white shoes.

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Mako Mankanshoku

Mako Mankanshoku becomes the best friend of Ryuko over the course of the series. She wears the standard Honnouji Academy No-Star uniform, which means it has no Life Fibers, so it doesn’t give her powers. It’s a white short-sleeve shirt with a blue neckerchief, blue short skirt, white socks, and light brown loafers. At the end of the series, she wears a pink top, white undershirt, and purple shorts while carrying a purple purse.

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