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Tanjiro is a great example of what a selfless hero is like: he sets aside his own well-being and prioritizes other people’s safety, even if it may harm him in the process. He may have been under unfortunate circumstances, but he never lets those affect him from protecting the people that he cares for the most. If you want to create the best Tanjiro Cosplay, then read on and find out how to achieve his looks.

Who is Kamado Tanjiro?

Tanjiro is the main protagonist of the series. At the very first episode, his kind-hearted nature was shown by the way he takes care of his family and how he never thinks twice to offer help to anyone. Even in the presence of demons, he sympathizes with their situation and tries to see the humanity in them despite their appearance.

He lost almost every one in his family due to a demon onslaught, but his sister Nezuko survived. Unfortunately, she transformed into a demon. Determined to do whatever it takes to cure his sister, he underwent intense training to become a Demon Slayer and hunt down the demon responsible for what happened to his family.

How to look like Tanjiro?

Tanjiro has black hair with burgundy tips that is often slicked back, revealing his scar on his forehead. After his battle with the Hand Demon during the Final Selection, his scar developed to a Demon Slayer Mark. His scar can be replicated using body paint or makeup.

He has dark red eyes, and has been described by others as being very gentle despite its striking color. Apprehensive about contact lenses? Check out our guide here!

He wears a pair of hanafuda earrings, bearing the image of a white-and-red flower. This was a family heirloom that was passed down to him by his father.


Tanjiro Cosplay Buying Guide

We prepared the top Tanjiro Cosplay and selected the best ones according to customer reviews. Size selection is a priority for us, so we made sure to prepare accurate sizing charts and information for you to choose from.

Best Tanjiro Costumes & Accessories of 2021

Final Selection Outfit

As part of Tanjiro’s preparation for the Final Selection, Sakonji Urokodaki gives him a jinbei-styled kimono and pants with a design similar to Sakonji’s. The light blue kimono has white cloud patterns and the dark pants are tied in his calves with white bands. He wears a pair of black tabi socks and zori, which are Japanese sandals that look similar to modern flip-flops.

Sakonji also gave him a fox mask carved by hand, which Tanjiro wears on the left side of his head. The white mask has red eyes and ears, with red spots at the corner of the mouth. It also has a marking on the upper right corner, the same spot where Tanjiro’s scar is seen. 

Demon Slayer Corps Uniform

After passing the Final Selection, Tanjiro and the other survivors are bestowed their official Demon Slayer Corps Uniform. He still wears his checkered black-and-green haori over his uniform.

His dark-brown uniform looks like a standard gakuran uniform with a white belt and baggy hakama pants tucked inside white bands attached to his calves. At the back of his uniform, the kanji of the word “death” is written. He still wears his hanafuda earrings.

He always carries a large wooden box with black metal trim on his back, where Nezuko sleeps as he travels during the day. This was a gift from Sakonji as a replacement for the makeshift basket that he previously used to carry his sister.

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