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Princess Daphne Cosplay Costumes of 2024

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Who is Princess Daphne?

Princess Daphne is the deuteragonist of the Dragon’s Lair series and the princess of the kingdom of Ethelred. Her abduction is the reason why the protagonist Dirk the Daring, the heroic knight of Ethelred, goes out of his way to brave many foes in order to rescue her.

Daphne was taken by Singe, a large green dragon whose lair the game is named after. He holds her hostage in exchange for Ethelred’s surrender of his kingdom before sunset. Dirk fights his way through and reaches where she is held captive. He defeats Singe, rescues Princess Daphne, and saves the kingdom of Ethelred.

Fast forward a decade to the second game, Dirk and Princess Daphne were married and had many children. She then gets abducted again, this time by Mordroc, an evil wizard who wishes to enslave her with the Death Ring. She gets transformed by the Ring at the end of the game into a monster, but Dirk saves his wife by removing it and kissing her to bring her back to normal. 

How to Look Like Princess Daphne

Princess Daphne is a beautiful and voluptuous woman with long golden hair that reaches down past her waist and down her thighs. Her outfit in the games tend to show much of her body, while she wears more conservative clothing in the TV series. Her appeal is cited as one of the reasons for the success of the franchise, especially the first game that was released in 1983. 

When Dragon’s Lair came out in arcades, no one had ever seen a game like it. The game had amazing hand-drawn animation and storytelling unlike any other game before it. If you’re a real retro gaming fan, you may know who Princess Daphne is and you might be interested in The Making Of Dragon’s Lair.


Princess Daphne Cosplay Buying Guide

Here listed below are the top Princess Daphne cosplay you can find online with the best price and quality, according to customer reviews. If you’re worried about getting a costume that fits you, these costumes have ample information and accurate sizing charts for reference.

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Princess Daphne Cosplay of 2024

Game Costumes

Princess Daphne wears a loose translucent purple gown over a black one-piece bathing suit, along with black high heels and a necklace. She also tends to wear circular purple earrings and a purple headband with a little crown, denoting her status as a princess of the realm.

In the final level of the second game, she wears a similar outfit, but in blue instead of dark purple. This version has her wearing just a purple headband without a crown and her earrings are much smaller, likely changes she made when she became a mother.

TV Costumes

She wears more clothing in the TV series, with a pink long dress with a purple long collar and a low V-neck that shows her cleavage. Along with that, Princess Daphne wears a wider crown, gold braces on her biceps.

In exchange for a more subdued appearance, this version of Princess Daphne is more physically capable, showing great enough agility and strength to defend herself against threats.

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