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Proceed with Caution! Valuable Tips on Proper Wig Washing

Proceed with Caution! Valuable Tips on Proper Wig Washing

Wigs can get dirty pretty easily. You’ll be exposing them to the outside environment where they can pick up dirt and you’ll also be likely to sweat while wearing them. This can result in a wig that needs tender loving cleaning. Washing wigs can be intimidating to some, but it is a necessary thing to do to make these items last longer.

Listed below are some valuable tips on how to wash and care for your wigs properly:

Tip #1

Brush the wig out completely before washing it. It will get harder to brush out once it is wet, so make sure to detangle it first.

Tip #2

Prepare your basin or sink with water. Use cold water if you want to preserve the wig’s particular style. You can use warm or hot water if you want to straighten or loosen up the style of your wig.

Tip #3

Use your wig shampoo. Submerge your wig in the water and massage the shampoo through the strands, making sure that each area is cleaned. You can use a conditioner for stubborn, tangled wigs. If you don’t have wig shampoo, here’s a list of alternatives.

Tip #4

It is discouraged to soak your wig in water for a long period of time because it might damage the adhesion of the strands that usually lead to hair fall.

Tip #5

Make sure to let the wig air dry completely before brushing. If you brush it while it’s still damp, you run the risk of pulling the hair strands off. 

Once your wig is nice and dry, perhaps it’s time for some wig cutting or wig styling!

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