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What is Dark Souls?

Dark Souls series has a common goal of maintaining the Age of Fire, which requires linking the flame by sacrificing a soul. In the first game, it was explained that dragons once ruled the world. Four individuals acquired powers from Lord Souls near the primordial First Flame. Three of them sought to defeat the dragons and rule the world. The fourth one was eventually forgotten, and the Age of Fire eventually began afterwards.

Meanwhile, humanity was plagued with an undead curse, and those who received it were bound to resurrect every time they die. In all three games, the player controls a character afflicted with the curse, and they either choose to link the flame and stop the Age of Fire from ending, or let the fire burn out to allow the Age of Dark to begin.

How to look like the Characters from Dark Souls?

Most equipment and weapons suggest that the game is influenced by the medieval period. Some NPCs appear to be wearing armor pieces similar to crusaders, while most of the equipment available to the player look similar to cuirass armor. The player also wields weapons ranging from a sword and shield, spear, and a mace, which are common weapons in a high fantasy themed game.

Despite the reputation of possibly being the hardest game of all time, Dark Souls has quite an interesting story from the first game to the sequels. The grueling experience of trying to stay alive might have overshadowed the game’s lore, but the bosses and characters of Dark Souls are definitely one of the most recognizable characters of action role playing games.

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Dark Souls Cosplay Buying Guide

We have here the best Dark Souls Cosplay according to customer reviews. Size is a huge priority in cosplay, and getting the wrong size definitely ruins the fun. That’s why we prepared accurate sizing charts and information so you can find the perfect Dark Souls costume for you.

Find The Best Dark Souls Costumes and Helmets
of 2021

Solaire of Astora

Solaire of Astora is easily recognized by players as the origin of the “Praise the Sun” gesture. He wears a white surcoat with a Warrior of Sunlight symbol in his upper body and a dark green fur on the shoulders. Beneath the surcoat is a long-sleeved hauberk as his body armor and cuisses as protection for his legs. Creating Dark Souls styled armor can be very difficult for beginners, but is a great alternative for those on budgets. So if you wish to give it a go then we’ve found a step by step guide. He also wears a pair of silver bracers, a brown belt, and silver high boots. His face is covered by a great helm with a red feather attached on the right side as decoration.

Knight Artorias

Knight Artorias was introduced in Dark Souls’ Artorias of the Abyss DLC. He wears a complete set of knight armor with a distinct scaled pattern on his arms and an additional chainmail covering on his legs. He is wearing a torn blue cloak that covers his face. The same torn cloth is attached to his hips. A black plume is affixed to this helmet, and a belt hangs loosely on his waist. An Artorias cosplay is not complete without his greatsword. Sometimes, cosplayers bring a plush husky to represent his loyal companion, Sif.

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