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All Might Cosplay Costumes of 2023

Discover your inner All Might

You want to cosplay as the number one hero and the Symbol of Peace? You want to do great work and take everything to the level of Plus Ultra? The All Might cosplay can be a rather complex undertaking as All Might is a somewhat complex character. Here are a few things you should know about this muscular hero.

Who is All Might?

All Might is (or was, if you watch the series) the world’s number one ranked hero and the Symbol of Peace, having held that position for a long time. People have always depended on him to save the day and a younger generation of heroes have looked up to him as both inspiration and a role model.

But behind it all, he was an ordinary man who was given an amazing power. Before he became All Might, he was Toshinori Yagi, a Quirkless young man who became the protege of Nana Shimura, who held a Quirk called One For All. It was transferable, and Nana was the seventh holder of the Quirk. Yagi would become the eighth as it was passed down to him by his mentor.

While searching for a rightful successor, All Might meets Izuku Midoriya, a Quirkless kid like he was. Despite not having any powers, Midoriya had the one quality that truly makes a hero—the capacity for self-sacrifice. He would then train him and pass onto him One For All, and All Might continues to serve as Midoriya’s mentor even after retiring as a hero.  Click here for the 5 characters who can surpass All Might!

How to Look Like All Might

All Might has two forms—his muscle form when using One For All and his true form as Toshinori Yagi. Technically, an All Might cosplay is that of his muscle form, so let’s focus on that.

His most distinct physical characteristics are his hair and his huge muscles. Unless you’re an avid bodybuilder, you will need a muscle suit to go with his signature hero costume.

His blonde hair is all swept back except for two tufts of hair that stick up above his head, leaning at opposites angles to form a V. In his true form, the tufts are down and the rest is all scraggly. Sometimes you may need to do a little extra wig styling and the help of hairspray to achieve and maintain your desired look.

His face has very angular features in both forms. In his muscle form, it’s the typical strong, chiseled features you’d expect from a hero of his stature. In his true form, he has a very gaunt appearance. All Might tends to be drawn with shadows under his eyes to depict a western comic style, which is what the character is meant to represent.

Unless you are genuinely going for that shadowed look and have make-up or a mask to emulate that look, you may want to go with his face from his Young Age era, wherein his blue eyes and blonde eyebrows are visible.

All Might Cosplay Buying Guide

These are the top All Might cosplay we found according to customer reviews, featuring the best quality and price. These items also have accurate information and sizing charts so you won’t end up buying an undersized or oversized costume.

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Main Hero Costume

All Might’s most well-known costume is blue spandex with white and red trim, combined with yellow arm bracers, belt, and boots. The spandex emphasizes his muscles while allowing him to move freely. He has no other utility tools and accessories, showing that he is a hero that relies solely on his own strength.

Young Age Hero Costume

This version of the All Might cosplay is a lot more decked out. It has metal greaves, metal arm bracers, and a cape. This was All Might’s look during his earlier years as a hero, before opting for a more practical and less restricting costume later in his career.

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