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She has always been a popular supervillain, but the popularity of Harley Quinn has gone to the stratosphere in recent years thanks to the DC Extended Universe films. If you’re looking to do a good Harley Quinn cosplay, this guide is exactly what you need.

Who is Harley Quinn?

Harley Quinn was once Harley Quinzel, a psychologist who became interested in understanding the criminal mind. She visits the infamous Arkham Asylum, where Gotham City’s worst criminals were confined. This is where she met the Joker, who occupied most of her attention.

The Clown Prince of Crime took special interest in her and began to woo her and gradually twist her mind in an effort to have her help him escape Arkham. He was successful in this ploy, turning the psychologist into a supervillain sidekick, known for her flirtatious and unpredictable nature.

Now known as Harley Quinn, she is head over heels in love with the Joker. However, their relationship is toxic as the man who made her who she is now only sees her as a tool for his plots to antagonize the Dark Knight of Gotham, Batman.

How to Look Like Harley Quinn

Harley Quinn’s most distinct physical feature is her alabaster white skin, similar to that of the Joker. She is a very slender woman, which hides her prowess in combat. She tends to wear lipstick that stands out, usually dark red. She also has blue eyes and blonde hair which is dyed blue one side, and pink on the other.

She also has the wily attitude of her partner-in-crime, which forms a major part of her character. Harley is ditsy, weird, and deceptively capable. Behind all that crazy is a competent criminal who gives Gotham City and Batman a lot of trouble.

Harley Quinn Cosplay Buying Guide

Here are the best Harley Quinn cosplay according to customer reviews, with the best quality and price, as well as accurate information and sizing charts. You’ll be able to get the best Harley Quinn costume possible that will fit you perfectly for a good price!

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Birds of Prey Costume

She has a very different look in this movie, wherein she swears a pink leather top that shows her midriff. Over it is a strapped golden jumpsuit with a diamond pattern and the middle zipper only pulled up halfway.

Underneath, she wears blue shorts with black stripes and pink stars around the belt area, held up with two red suspenders. When not wearing the jumpsuit, she is shown  wearing high cut boots. She carries her signature mallet as well. 

Classic Costume

Her classic look emphasizes how Harley Quinn sounds like “harlequin.” It resembles a court jester costume.

She wears a form-fitting bodysuit that covers all of her body and much of her head with a red and black checker pattern. The head part has the red on the right side of her body, her upper torso has red on her left, her hands have red on the right, her abdomen to her ankle has red on her right, and her feet have red on the left.

Three black diamonds are visible on her right upper thigh and two red diamonds on her left upper shin. Around her neck is a white jester’s collar and on her wrists are white frilled cuffs. On her head is a hood shaped like a double-horned fool’s cap with a white ball on each end.

On her face is a black eye mask and black lipstick. She also tends to carry around a big wooden mallet to bonk enemies with.

Suicide Squad Costume

Her outfit from the Suicide Squad hits many similar notes of the classic costume, but modifies them to emphasize more of Harley Quinn’s femininity. Also, instead of red and black, the colors are now red and blue.

She wears her hair in two pigtails, with the one on her right colored red/pink and her left one in blue. This color motif runs all the way down her body with her clothes. You may have to style your wig if it doesn’t come in pigtails to achieve the ultimate Harley Quinn look. She also has a black heart teardrop tattoo below her right eye on the cheek, you can easily recreate this tattoo with black body paint or even a temporary tattoo.

She wears a medium sleeve t-shirt with “Daddy’s Lil Monster” printed on it. The shirt has a red collar area on top and two red stripes near the elbow cuff. The left elbow cuff is partially dyed red and the left one dyed blue.

She wears red-and-blue leather Daisy Duke shorts with a studded belt with a diamond buckle on it. Her legs, with tattoos on her thighs, are covered by a fishnet pantyhose. She wears Adidas sneakers with Adidas-branded laced wrappings around her legs that make it look like high top Chuck Taylors.

She carries around either a baseball bat (that has GOOD NIGHT written on it) or her signature mallet with diamond patterns.

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