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Misty Costumes of 2021

Discover your inner Misty

As one of the most recognizable characters in the Pokemon franchise, Misty’s appeal has never waned in over 20 years. The Water Pokemon master is a popular cosplay choice for many people, so you would want to stand out by having a really Misty cosplay.

Who is Misty?

Misty appears in both the original game and anime series. In the former, she’s the Cerulean Gym leader; in the latter, she’s one of Ash Ketchum’s original companions in his initial Kanto region adventure. In both of them, she specializes in water-type Pokemon.

She is depicted as a tomboy who initially started following Ash around because he (or more like Pikachu) burned her bike to a crisp. Eventually, she became a companion who truly cared for Ash (and Brock) as a companion. Even Pikachu took a fondness for her.

Misty wouldn’t follow Ash forever as her responsibility to the Cerulean Gym caught up with her. She would still appear every now and then throughout the series over the years and mature as a young lady, but she would always be remembered as the first Pokegirl.

How to Look Like Misty

Misty’s most prominent physical feature is her hair, which is a sort of light orange-pink with one short pigtail that goes to her left side. She has wide blue-green eyes and a slim figure. To really master Misty’s appearance, we have tips and tricks on how to apply anime makeup and anime eye makeup

She is energetic, but not overly annoying. She has a gentle side to her most of the time, but won’t hesitate to yell and chide someone when they’re being annoying. Also, she hates bug pokemon, as they make her shiver in fear. Getting these various behavioral quirks right is part of the Misty cosplay.


Misty Cosplay Buying Guide

Here are the top Misty cosplay with the highest quality and the best price, according to customer reviews. We also made sure these items have accurate information and sizing charts so you buy costumes that fit you just right.

Find The Best Misty Costume of 2021

Game/Manga Costume

Her outfit in the games and manga are a bit different from that in the anime. She still wears a crop top, denim shorts, and red sneakers, but no suspenders. The top is mostly white, while the sneakers have a different design with a blue strip where the laces should be.

First Anime Costume

Most of the time, she wears a pale yellow crop top, denim shorts held up with red suspenders, and red sneakers. Unlike in the games and manga, her sneakers have laces and a yellow zig-zag line on the sides.

Later Anime Costume

In later series, she is seen wearing a pale yellow top with a blue button underneath a red undershirt and pale yellow shorts, and orange boots. Looking for inspiration? Here are the top 20 Misty cosplays!

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