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Great Styling Tricks for Your Cosplay Wig

Awesome Tips for Easy Cosplay Wig Styling

Most of the wigs available in the market today already have a certain style to them. However, for cosplaying anime or other fictional characters, the hairstyles should be more dramatic and unique. For a more accurate character portrayal, here are some tips that you can use when you are styling your cosplay wig:

Wig Styling Preparations

Before you start styling your wig, make sure to place it snugly on a wig head. This is so that you can see how the style will look when you place it on your own head and you can trim it to an accurate length. Also, make sure to use actual hair cutting scissors, hair spray, bobby pins, and a good brush when styling your wig. Some wigs may need washing or detangling before styling:

Cutting the Fringe or Full Bangs

The most common hairstyle of anime characters has something to do with a full bang or some fringe. If your brand new wig does not have the right length and style of the fringe that you want or that your character has, you can cut and style it easily enough. One thing you should remember is to not cut a straight or horizontal line because it will result in an unnatural-looking fringe. Instead, you should use an up and down motion and a vertical way of cutting the hair strands. For more in depth instructions, view our guide on how to cut a wig.

Creating Spikes with Your Cosplay Wig

There are some characters in anime that have really spiky hair. These spikes can also differ in length, size, and number. What you can do to create wig hair spikes is to use a backcombing technique on your flat wig hair strands. Tease and backcomb the spikes first, then apply an ample amount of hairspray here and there to make the style stick. Use a hair blower to preserve the volume and style you just created. Repeat this process of backcombing, brushing, and hair spraying until you get your desired wig hairstyle.

Mastered wig styling? How about adding some contact lenses to your cosplay!

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