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Deku Cosplay Costumes of 2024

Discover your inner Deku

Of course, you want to do a Deku cosplay. Izuku Midoriya is the protagonist of My Hero Academia, and a pretty good one at that. From his backstory, his Quirk, and his motivations as a hero-in-training, Deku is a cool and interesting character. Here are things you should know if you wish to cosplay him.

Who is Deku?

The protagonist of the series is the definition of going from zero to hero. Deku was quirkless, but was then given one by his idol and the number one hero of the world, All Might. The Quirk is One For All, which is transferable and stockpiles the power from all of its owners.
Despite being born quirkless, Izuku Midoriya always wanted to be a hero like All Might. Upon meeting his idol and learning the truth about him, he in turn showed to All Might his inherent heroism and capacity for self-sacrifice. This made All Might choose him as his successor.
“Deku” was a nickname given to him by his childhood frenemy Bakugou, which meant “useless” due to him being quirkless. But it can also mean “You can do it,” which is why Midoriya stuck with it as his hero name. Zero to hero indeed.

How to Look Like Deku

Midoriya’s most distinct trait is his mop of dark green hair, which matches his  eyes. Therefore having the right Deku wig for your cosplay is the most crucial factor. As most wigs arrive flat, you will need to style and perhaps cut your wig to create the desired shape. Deku’s eyes are also a very unnatural green so you may want to wear a pair of contacts to really nail the look!

He also likes wearing boots. Whether it’s with his academy uniform or his hero costume, he always has red boots on.

You can choose a Deku costume to go with, whether it’s one of his academy uniforms or one of his hero costumes. There are three major versions of his hero costume, namely the first one with the mask and the ones without one. Each one shows a stage of his growth as a hero.

Deku Cosplay Buying Guide

These are the top Deku cosplay we could find according to customer reviews. They are of the best quality and price, and they also have accurate information and sizing charts so you don’t buy one that’s too big or too small for you. Happy cosplaying!

Find The Best Deku Costumes & Accessories of 2024

Academy Uniform

Deku wears the standard academy uniform, but with two major deviations. First, he doesn’t know how to do his tie properly, so it usually looks too short. Second, instead of the usual dark brown dress shoes, he wears big red boots with thick white soles.
There’s also the gym uniform he wore for USJ Rescue Training, which has a lot of hints on what his hero costume would become. It’s basically the standard UA gym uniform with big gloves, elbow and knee pads, and his signature red boots.

Gym Uniform

There’s also the academy gym uniform, which is the blue two-piece short-sleeve tracksuit with white lines that looks like it says “UA” on the front. Wear that with the wig and you have Deku’s look for most of the UA Sports Festival Arc.

First Hero Costume

His first hero costume is notable for having a mask. It’s a teal full-body jumpsuit with a red belt, along with the white gloves, elbow and knee pads, and signature red boots. The mask has long ears that make him look like a rabbit, and they resemble All Might’s haircut.
This costume was severely damaged during his fight with Bakugou during the USJ Arc, which was why he had to wear his UA gym uniform. The events that followed would then lead to his second hero costume.

Second Hero Costume

His second hero costume has two versions. The first one is just like a darker version of his first hero costume, but with metal shoulder pads and no mask.
The second version is basically the same thing, but with added arm braces, leg protection, and iron soles over his red boots. These improvements were made to complement his new kick-based Shoot Style.

If you’re inspired by Deku’s journey to become the greatest hero, you won’t want to miss the stories of his closest friends and rivals, Bakugou and Todoroki, as they also strive for greatness.

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