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Here’s a guide to the Dio cosplay of your dreams.

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Discover your inner Dio

You wish to cosplay the great villain of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure? You want to stop time with a shout of “ZAWARUDO”? Then here’s a guide to the Dio cosplay of your dreams.

Who is Dio Brando?

Dio Brando, or known only as DIO starting from Part 3 onwards, is the main antagonist of Part 1: Phantom Blood and Part 3: Stardust Crusaders. His malevolent influence not only directly impacts the Joestar family but also causes ripple effects that shape the fate of multiple generations. He caused the death of the first JoJo, Jonathan Joestar, and his nefarious actions led Joseph Joestar, the protagonist of Part 2: Battle Tendency, to investigate the supernatural phenomena connected to the cursed Joestar bloodline.

He was particularly obsessed with eliminating Jotaro Kujo, the protagonist of Part 3: Stardust Crusaders and the grandson of Joseph Joestar, seeing him as a major threat due to his Stand, Star Platinum, which could oppose Dio’s own Stand, The World. This intense rivalry led to the iconic face-off that marks one of the most dramatic points in the series.

He happens to be the father of Giorno Giovanna, the protagonist of Part 5: Golden Wind. He also has a lot of other illegitimate offspring, which shows what kind of individual he was. Fitting the description of a true villain, Dio is manipulative, domineering, and violent. He lacks empathy and conscience, only interested in his never-ending pursuit of power.

He had grown up underprivileged, living in really bad conditions and being abused by his father. This is what set him on the goal of becoming the richest and most powerful being on Earth, and he would do whatever it took to get there. Dio will use whatever and whoever he sees fit to achieve his goals, and he truly enjoys acquiring more and more power.

His bitter enmity with the Joestar family, particularly Joseph and Jotaro, serves as a constant undercurrent in his twisted pursuit for world domination. The lineage of Joestars, armed with their unique Stands and unbreakable will, became the ultimate obstacle in Dio’s insatiable quest for power, a dynamic that adds layers of complexity and depth to their intergenerational feud.

How to Look Like Dio Brando

Dio’s most distinct physical feature is his blonde hair and sharp eyes, as well as his seemingly perpetual sneer that may be due to his superiority complex. In Stardust Crusaders, having acquired Jonathan’s body as his own, he also has the star birthmark of the Joestars between his neck and left shoulder.

His appearance in Part 3 makes him share a lot of physical qualities with the Joestars, including their height and muscular build. As a vampire, he has an extended lifespan and superhuman powers, including The World—his Stand that can stop time itself. With all of these seemingly insurmountable advantages, Dio is seemingly unstoppable.

Dio Brando Cosplay Variations

The Dio Brando cosplay comes in two variations, with the one from Part 3 being the most recognizable. Whichever Dio Brando costume you choose to don, the most important part is not the clothes themselves, but the attitude and well-known quotes of Dio that completes the cosplay.

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Top Dio Brando Costumes of 2024

Phantom Blood Outfit

Back when he was young, human, and still known as Dio Brando, he was first seen in a suit with a white shirt, red tie, purple blazer and pants, and black suspenders.

Later on in the story, when he has become a vampire, he is often seen wearing the Stone Mask. He also wears a purple scarf and a brown jacket at times. But the outfit that shows his transformation is a purple trench coat and top hat with white feathers on the shoulders.

Stardust Crusaders Outfit

As DIO, he wears a golden-yellow jacket and a tight tank top under that, and chaps with an exposed crotch below. His face is now fully visible, with a heart-shaped circlet around his forehead that matches his knee guards. Depending on which version of the anime adaptation you watch, his outfit is either tinted orange or yellow.

He also wears a necklace that covers his neck scar. He also has tons of heart motifs, like his circlet and knee guards. However, later in the story, he stops wearing them altogether after his first stairway confrontation with Polnareff. It could be an indication of his character taking an even darker turn as the threat against him by Jotaro and his crew gets closer, so much that he stops with all pretense altogether.

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