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Cosplay 101: Useful Guides on Starting Out and Keeping at It

Cosplay 101: Useful Guides on Starting Out and Keeping at It

Cosplaying isn’t just about putting on a costume and going to a convention. There are many factors that come into play when making cosplay a passion project and a serious hobby. If you’re a beginner trying to start cosplaying, here are some useful guidelines to keep in mind.

Research as much as you can

When it comes to buying wigs online, looking for commissions for costumes, or even looking for anime communities in your locale, researching everything you can about cosplaying and your cosplay character will do wonders. 

Be photo-op ready

When you’re in your costume at a cosplay convention, chances are there will be people and fans who will recognize your character and will want to take pictures with you. To avoid any awkward moments as a beginner, you can practice posing in front of a mirror before going to the convention. This will help you know what you look like in the picture they will be taking of you and be more confident in front of people. This will also help you give a good memory to the people who asked for your photo. Take a look at these cringey convention moments from cosplayers all around the world!

Practice putting on your makeup

No matter your gender, putting on makeup is important to tie your whole look together. You can check multiple resources on the internet, cosplayers who are doing the same character as you, and Youtube tutorials on how to best do your chosen character’s makeup. You might be wearing a well-made costume, but putting makeup on really amplifies your look. We have a guide on how to do anime makeup!

Get out there and celebrate your passion

Part of what makes cosplay an amazing hobby is the ability to share your passion and love for a fictional character with other fans. Being able to socialize with like-minded people and become friends with them eventually is one of the main perks of cosplaying as a hobby. So, get out there, be more confident, and socialize with others, and together you can share your passion and love for cosplaying.

To get started, take a look at the best cosplay ideas of 2021 for inspiration 🙂

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