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Tsunade Cosplay Costumes of 2023

Discover your inner Tsunade

She is the best medic in the world, renowned for her beauty, feared for her strength, and an absolutely hopeless gambling addict. Tsunade is one of the Three Sages and likes to punch holes in the ground. If you’re looking for the best Tsunade cosplay out there, this guide should help you find it.

Who is Tsunade?

Tsunade is a member of the legendary Senju and Uzumaki clans, making her shinobi royalty. She is one of the legendary Sannin, along with her teammates Jiraiya and Orochimaru. While her teammates went off to separate directions in terms of loyalty to Konoha, Tsunade became a wandering drunk and compulsive gambler.

While she lived a privileged life as the granddaughter of the First Hokage, she would later experience tragedies in her life, losing her little brother and her lover. This had made her disillusioned, cynical, and deathly scared of blood. While she is the strongest kunoichi and the greatest medic nin in the world, she had no will at all to keep going.

Then came Naruto, who showed her that no goal is impossible even if it seems so as he learned Rasengan, the Fourth Hokage’s legendary technique, within a week to win his bet with her and saved her life from Kabuto. Afterwards, she returned to the village and assumed the position of Fifth Hokage.

How to Look Like Tsunade

Tsunade has brown eyes and straight blond hair that parts in the middle with her shoulder-length bangs framing her face. It reaches her lower back and she likes to keep it tied in two loose ponytails. Long wigs like Tsunade’s are prone to getting tangled, if this happens you can view our guide on how to detangle a wig.

On her forehead is the Strength of a Hundred seal that takes the shape of a violet diamond. The seal stores a vast amount of chakra over an extended period of time, which can be activated for a tremendous power boost and instantaneous regeneration in battle through the Creation Rebirth technique. The seal signifies the user having reached the pinnacle of chakra control.

She had been fairly skinny and flat-chested throughout her childhood, but then grew up to have a curvaceous frame with large breasts. Her youthful appearance, despite being in her fifties, is due to her using a unique Transformation Technique. In reality, without the technique, she looks much older and more frail due to her over-usage of her Creation Rebirth technique.

Tsunade Cosplay Buying Guide

These are the top Tsunade cosplay according to customer reviews, guaranteed to give you the best quality and price possible, as well as accurate information and sizing charts. You’re sure to get the right cosplay just for you!

Find The Top 5 Best Tsunade Costumes of 2023

Main Costume

Her usual outfit is a green haori with the kanji for gamble written on the back inside a red circle, which is worn over a sleeveless kimono-style blouse held closed by a dark blue-gray obi that matches her pants. The kimono shows off her ample cleavage. She wears high-heeled open-toed strap black sandals. She also wears red nail polish and soft pink lipstick.

Once you’ve cosplayed as the formidable Tsunade, you might find it intriguing to step into the roles of other influential characters. For instance, Hinata offers a softer, more traditional style. Or you could opt for the iconic masked look of Kakashi. If you’re up for the challenge, Naruto‘s journey from Genin to Hokage gives you plenty of cosplay options.

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