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Mad Moxxi Cosplay Costumes of 2021

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As one of the most interesting characters in the Borderlands series, Mad Moxxi is a memorable and popular cosplay. 

Who is Mad Moxxi?

Mad Moxxi is kind of an established figure in the world of Borderlands. She hosts the matches in the Underdome and the owner of many bars in Pandora. She is seductive, enjoys violence, and has refined taste. She has had many marriages and relationships and has a good bit of pull. The player should be happy and relieved that she’s mostly on their side.

Despite her seemingly youthful appearance, she actually has two (known) children. You actually meet them fairly early in Borderlands 1 and 2. The car mechanics in each game, Scooter and Ellie, are actually her children, as hard as that may be to believe. Then again, this is Borderlands, so anything is possible. Think you’re the top Mad Moxxi fan? Check out 10 weird facts you didn’t know about Moxxi!

How to Look Like Mad Moxxi

When you see Mad Moxxi for the first time, you’ll immediately notice her really thick face makeup that makes her look like a clown. It may seem like just a character trait, but the more you dig into her backstory, the more it starts to make sense.

Her brown hair is shoulder length and curled outwards at the end. It’s combed with a parting and her bangs tend to cover her right eye. She also has a heart tattoo near the cleavage on her left breast, as well as her left upper thigh.  She is a woman of typical height with a slender but curvaceous figure. She carries herself as you’d expect from a woman who looks like her—sultry, seductive, and a bit dangerous. That’s an important detail if you’re looking to do an accurate Moxxi cosplay. A Moxxi cosplay isn’t just for women, take a look at this awesome genderbent Mad Moxxi cosplay!


Mad Moxxi Cosplay Buying Guide

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Original Costume

In the first two games, Mad Moxxi’s outfit makes her look like a ringmaster in a circus, as befitting her role as the hostess of the Underdome. She wears a form-fitting double-breasted red tailcoat with vertical stripe patterns. On her hands are black fingerless gloves, and she tends to carry a megaphone around. 

The collar and sleeves have black and white stripes, as well as her left stocking. Her right stocking is fishnet with a couple of big holes. She also has a red and black garter above her left stocking. She doesn’t wear pants underneath, but she does have knee-high white boots with black soles and toe caps.

Over that, she wears both a black belt sash and a brown gun belt over it. While she does have a holster on the left side, there seems to be no gun in it.

The piece de resistance of her outfit is her red top hat, which she likes to tip a bit to her right side. There is a black and white striped band around it, which holds both a green and orange feather and a queen of hearts playing card.

The playing card and the top hat itself are both homage to the two likely inspirations for her design—the Mad Hatter and the Queen of Hearts from Alice in Wonderland. That also explains her thick makeup. Here’s a Mad Moxxi makeup tutorial.

In Borderlands 2, she wears a purple version of the same outfit. Both her dress and top hat are purple, while everything else is pretty much the same, except for the holster that is black instead of brown.

Borderlands 3 Costume

Her design gets an overhaul for the third game. Her hair is now longer, which she puts up in a big bun. Instead of a tailcoat, she now wears a strapless dress with a short skirt and the tails from her tailcoat. It still retains the double breasted look from the tailcoat, and the left breast is entirely black.

To go with her stockings, she also has arm sleeves to match, but with the patterns on the opposite sides. She has kept her gun belt, but flipped to have the holster on the right side and it now holds a revolver. On her right wrist is a white cuff and on her left wrist is a black spiked bracelet.

Instead of white boots, she now wears black knee-high boots with five straps and white shin guards on top of them.

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