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Attack on Titan

Let’s take a look at what it takes to cosplay as Eren Yeager, the powerful main character from the Attack on Titan anime.

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Eren Yeager Cosplay Costumes of 2023

The Enemy of Titans

The protagonist of the popular anime series Attack on Titan is a great character, although he doesn’t have notable physical traits that make him stand out. It’s what he does in the story that makes him stand out. Here’s a guide to cosplaying as the Survey Corps soldier turned Titan, Eren Yeager.

Who is Eren Yeager?

Eren Yeager is the main protagonist of Attack on Titan and serves as a member of the Survey Corps for most of the series. Under the guidance of Hange Zoe, the Survey Corps’ enthusiastic and unorthodox scientist, Eren undergoes various experiments to better understand his Titan abilities. Hange’s intellectual curiosity about Titans complements Eren’s raw determination, and they share a mutual respect for each other’s goals.

He lived in Shiganshina District with his parents until the fall of Wall Maria. He watched his mother get eaten by a Titan, and he could do nothing about it. His father Grisha then found him and gave him the key to his basement. Grisha told his son to find it at all costs, then injected him with a Titan serum.

Because of this traumatic event, Eren would develop an intense hatred for Titans, which was what spurred him to join the military in order to fight them. Alongside Hange, who sought knowledge rather than vengeance, Eren would participate in numerous risky operations to reclaim territory and unlock the secrets of the Titans. He and his friends Mikasa Ackerman and Armin Arlert joined the 104th Training Corps and graduated to join the Survey Corps, with Eren ranking 5th best in class. They were enlisted after the battle of Trost District.

He is a strong-willed man who can be quite stubborn at times, but his determination is what makes him stand out. This does tend to make him bump heads with authority, especially the captain of the Survey Corps, Levi Ackerman. He had wanted to be a soldier in the Survey Corps since he was a child, and this ambition saw him argue with his mother and call people of the village “silly” and “complacent livestock.”

This is mostly due to his deep care for his family and friends. Even as a child, he was one to stand up against oppression, like when he would defend Armin against bullies. He would even defend strangers who he sees as being hurt and exploited, even resorting to physical violence. This was exactly what happened when he rescued Mikasa by killing two of the human traffickers who abducted her. Mikasa would then become loyal to Eren after this.

With the aid of Hange Zoe’s research and his own growing understanding, he would learn about the true nature of the Titans, as well as the history of Eldia and Marley from his father’s memories hidden in his basement. Eren would then make a solemn vow to free his home from the real enemy, who are the people living across the ocean. To do that, he would make use of the power he now possesses thanks to his father’s work, the power of three Titans.

Along with his two childhood friends, Hange Zoe, and the rest of the Survey Corps, he would serve to both protect the kingdom and uncover the real cause of the conflict between humans and Titans. This quest would lead him to the ocean and the lands beyond the Walls, and it would also make him choose between protecting the people and making the real culprits pay for over a century of terror and senseless death.

How to Look Like Eren Yeager

Eren Yeager’s most distinct physical feature is that he doesn’t look that distinct to begin with. He looks quite average for a protagonist, which is the point behind his character — an ordinary person thrust into extraordinary circumstances.

He’s a young man of average height and lean build, thanks to his military training. He has a long, rounded face and expressive gray eyes. He has short, black hair with bangs that are parted in the middle. During the time skip, he grew his hair down his neck.

Once he infiltrated Marley, he got taller and his hair went down to his shoulders. He would then become more and more mature in his appearance as the series reached its conclusion. He would even grow a thin mustache and goatee, although he also severed his leg in order to pose as an injured Eldian soldier.

Eren Yeager Cosplay Buying Guide

The Eren Yeager cosplay is fairly simple since Eren himself doesn’t have any unique physical traits. As long as you have hair or a wig in the same style as his, all you have to do is to have the right Eren Yeager costume to complete the look.

Casual Attire

At the start of the anime, Eren wore an outfit consisting of brown trousers, green shirt with string tasseled collar, reddish-brown coat over that, and simple brown shoes. Before the fall of Wall Maria, he also wore a dark red scarf, the same one he would give to Mikasa when they met.

During his training, he also wore a casual outfit consisting of a long beige shirt similar to his first casual outfit, as well as white trousers, maroon sash around his waist, and brown knee-high boots. He also wore the key given to him by his father around his neck on a string.

The Top Eren Yeager Costumes of 2023

Survey Corps Uniform

He wore his Survey Corps uniform during his tenure there. The Survey Corps uniform consists of a white button-up collared shirt, dark brown waist skirt, fitted white pants, knee-high boots, and finally, a brown jacket with the emblem of the Survey Corps.

Injured Eldian Soldier Disguise

In 854, Eren infiltrated Marley by disguising himself as an injured Eldian soldier in order to blend in and not get caught. He took off his usual Survey Corps uniform and adorned a plain white shirt with dark colored pants, as well as a black mantle. He also put on the Eldian armband.

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