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Let’s take a look at what it takes to cosplay the Mandalorian.

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Mandalorian Cosplay Costumes of 2023

Discover your inner Mandalorian

The great thing about cosplaying the Mandalorian is that it doesn’t really go out of style. Whether you’re at a convention or a Halloween party, the Mandalorian always looks good. He’s a cool character who doesn’t say much, but looks great just as is. Let’s take a look at what it takes to cosplay the Mandalorian.

Who is the Mandalorian?

In the Disney+ show, the Mandalorian is a lone bounty hunter who is only seen in his mandalorian armor for the grand majority of the series. His real name is Din Djarin, and he was orphaned as a child. He was then adopted into the Mandalorian warrior culture. As an adult, he became a bounty hunter, exploring the galaxy and completing jobs for clients.

His character was designed to be a combination of the fan favorite Star Wars character Boba Fett and his father Jango Fett, along with Clint Eastwood’s Man with No Name from Sergio Leone’s spaghetti western movies. He is laconic, cool-headed, and with questionable morals.

He was tasked by remnant Imperial forces to capture “The Child”—an infant of Yoda’s species—who is gifted with the ability to use the Force. Instead of returning the Child to them, the Mandalorian decides to take the Child and reunite him with his people.

Their relationship takes inspiration from the Lone Wolf and Cub series of samurai movies. Throughout the show, you see how the Mandalorian goes from a hardened warrior to an adoptive father as he and the Child are pursued by Moff Gideon, who wishes to use the Child’s connection with the Force for his own purposes.

How to Look Like Mandalorian

The most distinct feature of the Mandalorian, Din Djarin, is his armor. He doesn’t take his helmet off for most of the series, which makes this character a perfect cosplay for those who aren’t into the idea of showing their face.

The great thing about this kind of cosplay is that anyone who can wear that armor can be the Mandalorian. There are at least two versions of the armor in the show, chronicling the Mandalorian’s journey as he faced greater threats while protecting the Child.


Mandalorian Cosplay Variations

There are two versions of the Mandalorian cosplay. They’re actually the same Mandalorian costume, but one of them looks battle-worn and weathered while the other looks pristine.


First Armor

At the start of the series, Djarin wore a set of durasteel Mandalorian armor that had been worn and damaged. The only parts that were still undamaged were the shoulder pauldron, helmet, and heartplate made of beskar—an incredibly tough metal alloy in the Star War universe that’s so durable, it could withstand blaster shots and lightsaber strikes.

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He also carries an IB-94 blaster pistol with a holster on his belt, a vibro-knife sheathed in his boot, and an Amban phase-pulse blaster with ammunition on his bandoliers. He also carries flash charges and thermal detonators.


Beskar Armor

As the series progressed, Djarin was able to replace his armor with beskar.  Once he was able to replace it all, he wore a set of spotless beskar Mandalorian armor with a dark grey luster that’s unique to the beskar alloy.

The full set of beskar armor includes the helmet, plated vest, a pair of pauldrons (with one of them bearing his mudhorn signet), a pair of vambraces, a pair of gauntlets, a pair of greaves, and a pair of boots. He also got a jetpack made of beskar.

The non-beskar components include his bandolier, cape, and belt with a holster for his pistol. He also began carrying a beskar staff after parting ways with the Jedi knight Ahsoka Tano.

If the lone bounty hunter vibes of the Mandalorian resonate with you, why not explore the other ends of the galaxy? Step into the empowering role of Princess Leia, the iconic Rebel leader, or tap into the dark side with the mysterious and formidable Darth Vader. The Force is strong with these options!

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