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Who is Captain America?

Born in the World War II era, Steve Rogers was a thin and lanky individual who wanted to be in the military with his best buddy Bucky Barnes. He was given much consideration despite lacking in the physical aspect due to him having a kind heart. In both the comic and the movie Avengers, he’s often given dilemmas that would test his character. He always chooses to do the right thing, even if it’s going to be hard. 

This is the reason why he was chosen to undergo an experimental procedure where he was injected by a serum that transformed him physically and gave him superhuman agility, strength and stamina. This is where his career started as Captain America. His costume was inspired by his superhero name and he was also given an almost indestructible piece of metal called vibranium that serves as his shield and also his main weapon. 

How To Look Like Captain America?

Readily available Captain America suits are easy to find nowadays including a replica of the vibranium shield but if you’re really aiming for the Captain America look, you will have to work on your body.  If you’re a patriotic kind of person and would like to be able to wear the American flag as your cosplay costume then look no further, Captain America is the one for you. Steve Rogers is one of the easiest cosplay costumes to achieve. The suit primarily consists of colors found in the American flag as well as other features such as the star and the letter A on his headpiece. Talk about personifying the American flag. 


Captain America Costume Buying Guide

In this guide we will be discussing a few of Cap’s uniforms and this is a mix of the comic version and the film version. Cap’s costume is primarily blue with some reds to imitate the flag of america and also same with other superheroes he has a symbol on his chest, for him it’s a star. 

In the cosplay world, most people will go for the USO uniform but if you really want to look the part, you may opt to choose the Fugitive uniform or the Stealth uniform. 

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The Classic Suit

This suit is the most iconic Captain America suit, in fact when most people hear the name Captain America, this suit automatically comes to mind.

The suit itself is classic due to having colors that hark back to 1940’s. The upper part of his suit is blue and has scale texture complemented by a five pointed star on the middle part of his chest. He wears red boots and red gloves and on his abdomen the colors are vertical strips of red and white. For his headpiece, there are large openings for his mouth, nose and eyes. There is also a large letter A on his forehead and 2 small feathers sprouting above his ears. To complete the look, he also wields the standard vibranium shield in red, white and blue with a star in the middle. You can follow a tutorial using eva foam.

Stealth Suit

This is the greatest suit he wore in the movies. The suit is best for stealth. It is in navy blue with leather tactical gloves and belt. The star on his chest is still present but it also shows white lines coming from either side of the star. The headpiece is no longer connected to his body suit but. It is covering the top part of his head with openings for his eyes. The headpiece is held in place with leather straps on his chin. If you’re looking for a cheaper alternative for Cap’s helmet, you could make your own!

Fugitive Uniform

This suit debuted in the movie, Avengers: Infinity War where Cap and his allies are now fugitives. This suit is on a darker hue and the star in the middle has been torn off exposing the black outline of the star on his chest. The red and white parts are very minimal on this costume and there is no headpiece. For his weapon instead of the iconic shield, he now wields vibranium shields on each arm that retracts a small triangular blade at the tip. To complete the look, Cap has longer and messier hair with a full on beard and mustache.

The USO Uniform

This is the first uniform we got to see in the movies. This suit is not designed for combat but rather for shows. The entire suit is made out of spandex. His shield is shaped like a badge where the top part is blue with 3 white stars and the lower part has vertical stripes of red and white.

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