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Chun Li Cosplay Costumes of 2023

Discover your inner Chun Li

Who is Chun Li?

One of the classic characters from the global phenomenon that was Street Fighter II, Chun Li is the longest-active female fighter in the franchise. She is an Interpol officer and expert martial artist, known for her graceful moves and powerful kicks.

Her main motivation throughout the games is to bring to justice the killer of her father, M. Bison. Along the way, she fights many villains with the help of her friends and allies, such as Guile, Cammy, and Ryu. Through it all, she has not wavered in her quest for justice.

Chun Li’s main fighting style is Tai Chi, but she also seems to incorporate other kung fu styles into her repertoire. She is best known for her Hyakuretsukyaku, also known as Lightning Kicks, as well as her Spinning Bird Kick. Her mix of speed, agility, and power make her a formidable opponent.

How to Look Like Chun Li

Chun Li’s most distinct physical feature is her muscular thighs, as well as her black hair put up in two buns, also known as ox horns in China. Other than that, her appearance has varied throughout the series in different games, including her outfit. Chun Li has got very Japanese styled features, so you may want to check out these tutorials to really enhance her appearance.

Her personality has two modes, namely on-duty and off-duty. As an Interpol officer, she is straightforward, professional, and disciplined. When she’s off-duty, she is shown to be elegant, sweet, and very feminine. She tends to get competitive when chasing down criminals, letting her emotions get the best of her in the heat of the moment while on the job.


Chun Li Cosplay Buying Guide

Here are some of the top Chun Li cosplay with the best price and quality, according to many customer reviews. You don’t have to worry too much about which one will fit you as these items have accurate information and sizing charts for your convenience.

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Best Chun Li Costumes

Original Costume

Her most well-known outfit is a blue qipao with yellow/gold embroidery, a white sash around her waist, dark brown sheer pantyhose, and white knee-high combat boots. Around her wrists are her signature spiked bracelets which can be easily replicated with this tutorial.

Alpha Costume

Her default outfit changed briefly for the Street Fighter Alpha games. She wore an embroidered blue sleeveless vest, blue unitard with yellow trim, and yellow sneakers with blue trim. Her hair buns were also yellow.

Street Fighter V Alternate Costume

An alternate costume was introduced in Street Fighter IV and V, wherein she wears a black evening gown that’s sleeveless and with gold accents, along with a black-gold sash with red rope belt around her waist, red shoes, and black-gold bracelets.

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