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Who is Red Sonja?

Red Sonja was not born with an innate skill in combat. Rather, she was bestowed of her skills by the goddess Scathach after she was assaulted at a young age. When the goddess gifted her abilities, she made Red Sonja vow not to lay with a man unless he has defeated her in a fair duel.

She became a frequent companion of Conan the Barbarian and had several run-ins with a number of foes, such as The Vulture and Kulan Gath. Due to having similar individualistic personalities, she and Conan had a hard time maintaining an amicable relationship. Conan developed feelings for Red Sonja, but since he was never able to defeat her in a fight, she constantly rejected his advances.

She met her demise in the comic books, but was reincarnated into another woman’s body who was a distant relative of her original self. She may not have the same physique and level of abilities, but she learned to adjust to her new body and regained her skills by training.

How to look like Red Sonja?

Red Sonja has long wavy hair, almost reaching her waist. Her bright red hair is very noticeable, especially since her clothing consists of mostly neutral colors (silver and brown). She has brown eyes, thin arched eyebrows, and often wears red lipstick. For the ultimate look, you could cover your eyebrows and draw on a more suitable shape to match Sonja’s character! She has a well-built physique, and rarely smiles at anyone she encounters.

Red Sonja is also called as the She-Devil with a Sword, a name she rightfully earned for having impressive fighting skills despite only wielding a blade. She may not have any superpowers, but her abilities are enough to win the battle. If you’re planning to create an amazing Red Sonja Cosplay, then this is the perfect guide for you.

Red Sonja Cosplay Buying Guide

We prepared the top Red Sonja Cosplay and selected the best ones based on customer reviews. She may be wearing very little clothing, but size is still a major priority. That’s why we have accurate sizing charts and information so you can choose which Red Sonja costume fits you perfectly.

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Scale mail Bikini

Red Sonja is probably the forerunner of the chainmail bikini concept, in which a character wears as little as possible for protection instead of covering up. Scale mail is a variant of chainmail armor. Instead of small metal rings linked together, small plates are attached together to form a texture similar to fish scales. Red Sonja uses this type of armor, although it only covers a few parts of her body.

Her scale mail is predominantly silver with thin metallic strings tying her garments together. She also wears a pair of silver spaulders, sometimes replaced with a brown furry cape or a red cloak. Her scabbard is tied loosely on her waist, and has a leather band attached to her right thigh. She also wears a pair of brown gloves and mid calf boots with a strap at the top. She also wears a pair of armlets and the design varies depending on the artist for every comic book issue.  If you’d prefer to make your own costume props, there are a few tutorials on how to create her shoulder armor.

Take note that since Red Sonja’s armor only covers her private area, it may be difficult to move around the convention without worrying that the costume may come off. Undergarments can be worn under the armor without it being too obvious and can be fastened to the armor for extra precaution.

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