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Looking to cosplay Bloodborne? Find the best costumes and accessories below!

Artist Unknown Glamtron Medieval Renaissance Gloves - Halloween Costumes Gloves, Pure Lambskin...
H&ZY Men's Steampunk Vintage Tailcoat Jacket Gothic Victorian Frock Coat Uniform Halloween...
VATPAVE Mens Gothic Pants Cosplay Costume Trousers Steampunk Victorian Pants Small LP05...
AGLAYOUPIN Adult Mens Gothic Jacket Steampunk Victorian Long Coat Costume Halloween Green
Gecco Bloodborne Hunter's Arsenal: Saw Cleaver and Hunter Blunderbuss 1:6 Scale Weapon...
AKARCA Anime Game Bloodborne The Hunter Suit Full set Uniform Cloth Halloween...
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Bloodborne Cosplay Costumes of 2024

Discover your inner Bloodborne

What is Bloodborne?

Bloodborne takes place in the city of Yharnam, known for the Healing Church’s miraculous blood healing methods. Plenty of travellers have visited the city, hoping to acquire this sacred blood to cure them of their ailments, particularly that of the Scourge of the Beast. One of the travellers is the player, and the game begins when his blood transfusion is being administered.

When the player awakens, the city apparently has been infested with citizens who have transformed into monstrous creatures. The player must join the Hunters who have come before him to eliminate these creatures and find out the source of the plague in order to end it once and for all.

How to look like the Characters of Bloodborne?

Bloodborne’s art style is heavily influenced by the Victorian era. From top hats and tricornes to flounced petticoats and poke bonnets, every character in the game had a 18th century flair. As for the Hunter, character creation is made available at the start of the game, so there really isn’t a canon appearance for the protagonist. Despite this, cosplayers often go for the Hunter’s appearance featured in the game’s promotional art to represent the character. Check out some of the best Bloodborne cosplays for inspiration.

The realm of Bloodborne is a macabre fantasy straight out of a Lovecraftian horror story. From Victorian-esque hunters to enormous cosmic deities, the game has intriguing characters that draw in any curious cosplayer. Read on and find out how to achieve an amazing Bloodborne Cosplay and stand out at the convention.

Bloodborne Cosplay Buying Guide

We have here the best Bloodborne Cosplay based on customer reviews. We know that costume sizes are a priority for every cosplayer, so we prepared accurate sizing charts and information for every Bloodborne Costume available in the market.

Find The Best Bloodborne Costumes of 2024

The Hunter

As mentioned before, the Hunter doesn’t have an actual in-game appearance, but the promotional art is the usual basis of Bloodborne cosplayers. The Hunter wears a black tricorne, a gray unbuttoned frock coat, a leather vest with four buckles in the middle, a pair of black gloves, and brown arm guards. He also wears gray pants, brown shin guards and black shoes. A black bandanna covers half of his face, revealing only his gray eyes. The Hunter wields a Saw Cleaver on his left hand and a Hunter Blunderbuss on the right.

The Doll

The Doll is Gerhman’s creation for the purpose of companionship and also assists the Hunter in leveling up his character. Gerhman based her features on Lady Maria whom he developed feelings for. The Doll has gray hair and seems to be wearing a smokey eyeshadow around her green eyes. Her high-collared black dress has a red tie around her neck, a dark brown corset, and a white petticoat underneath the skirt.

She wears a wine-colored poke bonnet decorated with roses, a brown paisley shawl, and a pair of brown laced boots. The hinges of her fingers can be seen, which can be imitated by drawing the same pattern on your fingers to achieve her doll-like features. If you’re just starting out, a Bloodborne cosplay may be a bit tricky but we’ve put together a guide on how to cosplay with tips and tricks for newbies.

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