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My Hero Academia

Ready to cosplay Kirishima? Here lie our top favorite costumes and accessories!

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Kirishima Cosplay Costumes of 2023

Discover your inner Kirishima

The Sturdy Hero isn’t yet a Pro Hero, but he already has a good idea on who he wants to be. Red Riot is one of the coolest hero names in My Hero Academia, and Eijiro Kirishima is one of the coolest characters in the series. If you’re looking for the coolest Kirishima cosplay out there, you’ve come to the right place.

Who is Kirishima?

Eijiro Kirishima wanted to be a Pro Hero since he was in middle school, but wasn’t sure about himself. Then, he watched an interview of his idol, the old-school hero Crimson Riot. The words of his role model inspired him and steeled his resolve. He dyed his hair red to resemble his idol, entered UA High School, and is now training to become a Pro Hero.

His Quirk is Hardening, which lets him make his body as hard as a rock. He chose the hero name “Red Riot” as a tribute to Crimson Riot. He also took his idol’s ideal of manliness, espousing nobility, bravery, and determination in everything he does.

Despite his seemingly brash exterior, he’s actually a friendly and respectful sort who never hesitates to help a friend in need. He’s a fairly straightforward individual who sticks to his own code of honor. Overall, he’s a likable character and a fantastic hero.

How to Look Like Kirishima

His most distinct physical trait is his red spiky hair and his pointy teeth. The spikiness of his hair reflects the hard jaggedness of his skin when he activates his Quirk. Much of his character is all about sharp edges, which is contrasted by the roundedness of his personality. However your Kiri wig won’t arrive with the spikes, so you’ll have to style your wig.

He used to have black hair that partially covered his face during middle school, so his new hairstyle and color were a deliberate choice to commit himself to his dreams of becoming a Pro Hero. 

For Kirishima’s teeth, you can go for the easy option of already made fangs, or there are several ways to replicate his full set of spikey teeth in our guide on how to make fangs.

Much like Midoriya, he wears his UA uniform mostly to code except for his shoes, which he replaces with dark red trainers. The only difference is that he actually does his tie properly. Throughout the series, he makes a few more changes to be a better hero. 

Kirishima Cosplay Buying Guide

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Top 3 Kirishima Costumes of 2023

Hero Costumes

The basic form of his hero costume is unique and striking. The bigger pieces are two gear-shaped dark red shoulder pads, a belt with a big letter R in the middle (which stands for Red Riot), a sash that’s attached to the belt, dark grey pants, and dark red boots.

He wears a wired guard around his face, going from his hairline to below his jaw, with an extra piece going through the middle of his face and covering the bridge of his nose. He leaves his chest bare, both to show his physique and his lack of need for any armor due to his Quirk.

Later in the series, he adds long black sleeves on his arms to prevent hurting civilians with his Quirk during rescue missions.

If you’re drawn to Kirishima’s rock-solid determination, you’ll definitely want to check out the fiery resolve of Bakugou and the cool, layered personality of Todoroki.

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