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My Hero Academia

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miccostumes Women's Midnight Nemuri Kayama Cosplay Costume Outfit (S) White
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Midnight Cosplay Costumes of 2023

Discover your inner Midnight

Midnight is both sexy and wholesome at the same time, if there’s actually such a thing. She walks the fine line between scintillating and heroic, which is just right with how she is in the series. If you’re looking for a good Midnight cosplay, then this is the right guide for you.

Who is Midnight?

Nemuri Kayama, also known as the 18+ Only Hero: Midnight, is a Pro Hero with a Quirk called Somnambulist that allows her to render people near her unconscious with a sleep-inducing aroma from her body, although it works better on men than women. She is also a faculty member at UA High School, teaching Modern Hero Art History.

From her look to her attitude, she is the very definition of a seductress. However, while she may seem flirtatious and even downright sadistic at times, she is all business about being a hero. She takes her job as both a Pro Hero and a teacher in UA.

She is best known in the series as the teacher who facilitated the students of Class 1-A choosing their hero names, as well as the chief referee of the UA Sports Festival. Her Quirk allows her to de-escalate chaotic situations by putting people to sleep at will. However there are a few students who could take down Midnight in a fight.

How to Look Like Midnight

Midnight’s most distinct physical characteristics are her thick and spiky waist-length dark purple hair and her voluptuous figure. Since her hair is quite thick and distinct, it may be difficult to make a custom wig of that specification. However, it’s not the most difficult style to do in anime and we’ve got some guides on how to cut a wig and how to style a wig to help!

She has not been seen in anything other than her current hero costume in the anime. However, she has had other versions of her hero costume in the manga, although they’re not exactly safe for public cosplay.

Her very first hero costume was simply a jacket, big sunglasses, and utility belt with nothing else. She reasoned that it was to distract opponents while having nothing to impede her movement and Quirk.

This costume would lead the government to enact the “Hero Costume Skin Exposure Limitation Act.” She was then forced to modify her hero costume into what would become her current costume. 

Midnight Cosplay Buying Guide

Here are the best Midnight cosplay you can get, based on customer reviews on their quality and price, as well as having accurate information and sizing charts. You’ll get the right cosplay for you with any of these!

Find The Best Midnight Costumes & Wigs of 2023

Hero Costume

As the so-called R-rated hero, Midnight features a black leather leotard that she wears over a white bodysuit (in the manga version, the body suit is flesh-colored). This sort of outfit emphasizes her breasts, body, and legs. The leotard is adorned with red gemstone accessories on the collar and midriff.

Around her eyes is a thin red mask that outlines her blue eyes; on each wrist is a handcuff; around her waist is a red utility belt with gold studs. She wears black knee boots (also adorned with red gemstones) over her translucent purple thigh-high stockings that connect to her utility belt.

If the sultry allure of Midnight captivates you, you might also be intrigued by the unpredictable mischief of Toga and the mysterious motives of Dabi.

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