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Attack on Titan

Let’s take a look at what it takes to cosplay as Levi Ackerman, the strongest soldier of humanity!

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Levi Ackerman Cosplay Costumes of 2023

The Captain of the Survey Corps

You may have hated him at first, but then he grew on your like how the Grinch’s heart grew at least two sizes at the end of that story. Levi Ackerman might as well be seen as the Grinch with his usual attitude, but you can’t say he’s an antagonist as he remains steadfast in his fight against the Titans. Here’s what you should look for when cosplaying as Levi.

Who is Levi Ackerman?

Levi Ackerman is the Special Operations Squad captain of the Survey Corps and carries the reputation of humanity’s strongest soldier. Despite his no-nonsense demeanor, his interactions with key individuals like Eren Yeager and Hange Zoe have shown a more nuanced side to his character. For instance, he initially treated Eren with a strong sense of caution and even violence, subjecting him to a tribunal where he demonstrated his capacity for physical brutality. However, this wasn’t out of malice; Levi saw the potential in Eren to be both an asset and a risk to humanity’s survival. Over time, he became one of Eren’s most stalwart protectors and mentors, recognizing the importance of Eren’s Titan abilities in their fight for freedom.

In terms of working relationships, Levi found a somewhat kindred spirit in Hange Zoe. While Hange is driven by a boundless curiosity for understanding Titans, Levi is driven by a disciplined and tactical approach to exterminating them. Despite their contrasting styles, both have great mutual respect for each other’s skills and contributions to the Survey Corps. Hange’s role as the 14th commander made them Levi’s superior, yet their collaborative relationship continued without a hitch, both contributing to the ultimate goals of their regiment.

Levi’s interactions with Mikasa Ackerman are complicated, owing to their shared last name and a lineage of combat prowess. Mikasa initially had her reservations about Levi, especially when he was harsh towards Eren. But as they fought side by side in several battles, she began to see the wisdom in his strictness and began to appreciate his extraordinary abilities as a soldier.

Levi is also known for his strict and overly conscientious attitude, sometimes bordering on obsessive-compulsive behavior, particularly when it comes to cleanliness. Despite these quirks, he can get down to business when the situation calls for it, showing an ability to compromise on his personal preferences for the greater good.

He had been a criminal before he joined the Survey Corps, trained by his uncle Kenny Ackerman in knife combat. His disdain for authority at that time was palpable, but upon joining the Survey Corps, he developed a deep respect for Commander Erwin Smith, a respect that was reciprocated.

Levi’s exterior may be icy, but he possesses a strong moral compass and a sense of duty that should not be underestimated. While he might come across as emotionally distant, he places great importance on human life. This is evident in the way he implores his subordinates—including Eren, Hange, and Mikasa—to act judiciously and avoid unnecessary casualties. Whether dealing with Titan threats or complex human emotions, Levi Ackerman remains a complex but steadfast leader in the Survey Corps.

How to Look Like Levi Ackerman

Levi Ackerman’s most distinct physical feature is his relatively short and straight black hair styled in a curtain haircut, as well as his narrow dull gray eyes with dark circles under them that are intimidating and juxtapose with his deceptively young-looking face. 

While he’s fairly short, his body is well-toned with muscle due to his military training and extensive use of vertical maneuvering equipment as the captain of the Survey Corps. However, he has no room for vanity, although he does have a compulsion to clean and organize everything else around him.

He is also often seen with a frowning or emotionless face. Coupled with his extremely calm demeanor, he often intimidates other people and keeps them from being able to read what he may be thinking. This makes it especially difficult for his subordinates to anticipate what he’s about to do to them, making him a very intimidating commanding officer.

After getting caught in an explosion due to a Thunder Spear set off by Zeke Yeager, he gained several scars across his face, including a big one across his right eye. He also lost the index and middle fingers on his right hand as a result.

Levi Ackerman Cosplay Buying Guide

The Levi Ackerman cosplay should be easy enough as long as you get his physical appearance down. This is especially so if you’re doing a group cosplay as all you need ot do is get a Survey Corps uniform and add a white ascot to it. But you can also go for a more accurate Levi Ackerman costume to show more detail and cosplay him from later parts of the story.

Survey Corps Uniform

In active duty, he wears a light gray button-up shirt, dark brown waist skirt, fitted white pants, knee-high boots, and his trademark white ascot underneath the Survey Corps jacket with the emblem on the back. If he has to explore outside the walls, he dons his regular garb of the green cloak with the hood pulled low.

The Top Levi Ackerman Costumes of 2023

Casual Outfit

Whenever he’s forced to take time out for injuries, Levi can be seen wearing a plain white shirt, dress shoes, and his ascot underneath a black suit. It’s not really as casual as it may seem, but it’s considered casual when taking Levi’s personality into account.

During the coup d’état, he no longer wore his ascot. As the Survey Corps was hiding from the monarchy and military forces, he kept things simple casual clothes over his tactical equipment.

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