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Sans Cosplay Costumes of 2021

Discover your inner Sans

So you want to cosplay as one of Undertale’s most popular characters, Sans. Be careful not to get on his bad side though, or you’ll regret it! If you’re planning to create an awesome Sans Cosplay, keep reading and find out the tips and tricks on how to achieve his look.

Who is Sans?

Sans is one of the characters that the player meets early on in the game. He first appears in Snowdin Forest and mentions that his brother, Papyrus, has an interest in catching humans. He doesn’t share the same interest, so he initially hid the player when Papyrus came. Eventually, Papyrus discovers the player and subjects him to several tests. Sans is present in some of these tests, but he only observes. He became a recurring presence after this encounter.

Compared to Papyrus, Sans does not take his job seriously. He oftens sleeps on the job and takes frequent breaks at Grillby’s, in which he also takes the player with him. He is aloof most of the time, but there are certain instances when he suddenly turns serious. His role in the later parts of the game will either be a gift or a curse depending on which route the player is attempting to finish. Think you’re the ultimate Undertale fan? Take this fun quiz and find out!

How to look like Sans?

Sans is significantly shorter than his brother Papyrus, and stands at almost the same height as the player. His skeletal body has a larger physique, and is often shown with a wide grin. His white pupils are shown in his large eye socket, although they vanish when he is either serious or angry. There are a few ways to achieve his skeletal face. You can either buy or make a mask, or use face paint to imitate his face. A mask is usually the go-to of most cosplayers since it’s the easier option and can be customized to include glowing eyes, although there are some who have sufficient makeup expertise and are able to pull off the Sans look using only face paint. We’ve scored the web for the best Sans makeup tutorial but either way, the choice is ultimately based on which option is more convenient for you.


Sans Cosplay Buying Guide

We searched for the top Sans Cosplay and chose the best ones based on customer reviews. His costume is quite comfortable to wear, but size is a major concern if you are aiming for an accurate portrayal of his character. We prepared accurate sizing charts and information so you won’t have to worry about a one-size-too-big dilemma at the convention.

Find The Best Sans Costumes & Accessories of 2021

Sans Costume

Sans wears a blue hoodie and a white undershirt. His hands are always tucked inside his  pockets. He also wears black pants and a pair of pink slippers. Since he has a skeletal body, you should remember to wear coverings with a skeleton design on the exposed parts such as the hands and his calves.

If you have spare body paint and a lot of time to spare, you can paint on your calves instead. Painting on your hands is a messy option since he always hides his hands inside his pockets, so your best bet is still a pair of skeletal gloves.

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