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Hinata Cosplay Costumes of 2024

Discover your inner Hinata

Hinata Hyuga is quiet, shy, and has low self-esteem. But throughout the story, you get to follow her journey to becoming one of the best and most compassionate ninja of the Hidden Leaf Village. This guide will help you get the best Hinata cosplay possible.

Who is Hinata?

As the elder daughter of Hiashi Hyuga, the current clan patriarch, there were a lot of expectations put upon Hinata since birth. However, her shy and gentle nature was not fit for the responsibilities of a clan heiress, so she was set aside for her little sister.

Since then, she strived to prove herself to her father. Her main inspiration was Naruto, an orphan who always seemed to respond to adversity with boldness and conviction. She would eventually fall in love with him and worked to get stronger to be able to protect him, help her teammates, and be recognized by her father.

How to Look Like Hinata

Hinata has the signature white eyes of the Hyuga’s hereditary power, the Byakugan. When it’s activated, her veins pop out around the eye socket. While the Byakugan is supposedly white, Hinata’s eyes have a little bit of lavender in the anime. You will have to wear colored contact lenses if you really want to look the part, but you’ll still look amazing without them!

In her youth, her hair is dark blue and kept short in a bowl cut with strands framing her face. As she reached later adolescence, she has grown her hair out that goes down her back. When she became a mother, she had a bob hairstyle at shoulder length. For her hair, you’ll need to wear a wig. There are so many available in the style of HInata so this part’s easy 🙂

Hinata Cosplay Buying Guide

Look at the top Hinata cosplay here with the best quality and prices, according to customer reviews. You need not worry about getting a cosplay that’s too big or too small from these as they include accurate information and sizing charts for you.

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First Costume

Being very shy as a young girl, she hid her slender figure in a cream hooded jacket with a symbol of fire on the sleeves and fur-covered hem and cuffs. She wore her Konoha forehead protector loosely around her neck like a necklace.

She tends to wear navy blue pants with her utility pouch fastened around her right thigh. She wears the standard ninja black open-toed boots on her feet.

Shippuden Costume

After the timeskip, aside from growing her hair out, she changed her hooded jacket for a light lavender and cream hoodie with lavender cuffs over a mesh armor. She also changed her forehead protector to black from the old blue. She also started wearing black low-heeled sandals much like that of Tsunade.

In the Fourth Shinobi World War, she wore the Konoha jonin flak jacket to reflect her rank.

New Era Costume

After the world war, she started wearing a light lavender kimono-style blouse with no sleeves and a dark purple obi on her waist, along with dark navy shorts, thigh stockings, and black boots with high heels. This change signifies her full transition from a shy girl to a confident woman.

Upon retiring from active duty to become a housewife, she exchanged shinobi attire for a more comfortable jacket in light purple with short sleeves, white shirt with long sleeves and two pink stripes underneath, shorts in light brown, and open-toed boots in light brown.

Love cosplaying as Hinata and her Byakugan eyes? You might want to try pulling off Kakashi‘s signature Sharingan look next. If you’re up for a challenge, Naruto‘s various Hokage robes are iconic outfits. Don’t forget Tsunade, whose traditional Hokage wear makes for a powerful cosplay statement.

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