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Carol Danvers is a famous Marvel comics superhero as she is one of the founding members of the Avengers and also one of their heavy hitters. She has been around since 1968 and the number of her costume variations is unbelievable. However, she only has quite a few iconic looks and we will be discussing the Captain Marvel look in all its glory!

Who is Captain Marvel?

Captain Marvel is the name of several fictional superheroes in the Marvel universe. Several super powered individuals took on the mantle of the superheroine but we will only be discussing the most famous inheritor of the title, Carol Danvers. 

Danvers was an officer in the United States Air Force. She started her story as a non-superpowered individual. However, not long after, she was caught in an explosion with the Kree superhero Captain Marvel and her DNA merged with the Kree superhero. She began exhibiting the same powers that the original Captain Marvel has, the ability to fly, superhuman strength and agility, energy manipulation and energy absorption making her one of the strongest hitters in the Marvel universe.

After realizing her potential, she began calling herself, Ms. Marvel. She became the first superhero to take on the superhero name. She became one of the founding members of the Avengers and also led the Avengers on some occasions. After a while, the original Captain Marvel passed away and in honor of the deceased superhero, she took on the Captain Marvel mantle. This decision also changed her superhero costume, from a sexualized Ms Marvel costume, wearing only a black one-piece bathing suit with her iconic red sash tied on her waist to a red, blue and gold spandex covering most of her skin.

How To Look Like Captain Marvel?

Becoming Captain Marvel is quite easy despite the numerous costume variations available for her. You just need to know exactly which version you are trying to achieve. In this article, we will be discussing just 3 of her most iconic looks and everyone who knows Captain Marvel will be able to tell which one you’re aiming for. 

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We will be breaking down Carol Danver’s most iconic suit from the time she was still called Ms. Marvel to the now well known badass Captain Marvel. 

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Original Ms. Marvel Suit

In 1968, when Carol Danvers was introduced in the Marvel universe, she was given a female version of the original Captain Marvel costume with an open belly. The suit was primarily, red and black with a red sash on her neck. There is also the iconic gold Hala star logo on her chest and her eyes are covered by a black eye mask. Her fly away hair is blonde and is shoulder length. She also wears a thin black bikini on her bottom area. Her knee length boots are also black and red matching her entire costume.


Classic Ms. Marvel suit

After the mutant Marvel Girl(Jean Grey) was given a huge costume facelift and became the Phoenix, Ms. Marvel was also given the same costume facelift. She ditched the red and black costume and wore a super sexy one piece spandex resembling a one piece bikini. This new suit doesn’t show much skin since it goes up into a turtleneck. The suit is off shoulder but she wears black long gloves. She also wears tall body hugging high heeled boots covering most of her skin until just below her groin area. Her suit has a distinctive yellow lighting bolt running from her upper left shoulder area down to her left bikini area. Her iconic red sash and eye mask is still present. To complete the look, the classic Ms Marvel suit also has flowing wavy lower back length blonde hair.

Captain Marvel Suit

In 2012, Danvers ditched the Ms Marvel name and costume and officially became Captain Marvel after the original Captain Marvel died. Her costume is a variation of the original costume only with the red and blue colors reversed. One thing never changed is her sash tied to her waist and the gold Hala star on her chest returned.

The most iconic Captain Marvel look is her blonde hair. Her hair is cut very short and is styled in upward spikes. When her red headpiece is worn, her hair is arranged mohawk style coming out from the top part of her headpiece.

A superhero such as Captain Marvel with a long history and is very famous can become  a very difficult character to copy but if you just focus on her most iconic look then everything becomes easy. Here’s a list of our top Captain Marvel suits. 

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