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Hunter x Hunter

Let’s take a look at what it takes to cosplay as Killua, the powerful deuteragonist from the Hunter x Hunter anime.

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Killua Cosplay Costumes of 2024

The Runaway Assassin Turned Hunter

One of the iconic characters of shonen anime, Killua is one of the two main faces of Hunter X Hunter. He has both the innocence of a child and the eyes of a stone cold killer, making him a really cool character. If you’re looking forward to cosplaying as Killua, here’s a guide to getting his character right.

Who is Killua?

Killua Zoldyck is the third child of Silva and Kikyo Zoldyck and a descendant of the infamous Zoldyck Family, the world’s deadliest assassins. He was trained to be a deadly assassin himself, but the hardship and abuse he faced in his training and upbringing caused him to run away from home and instead pursue a career as a Rookie Hunter.

He later becomes the best friend of fellow Rookie Hunter Gon Freecss, and they would also be joined by his younger sister Alluka, who is his most beloved person. He is determined to seek out his own destiny separate from that of his family after he rebelled and ran away when he was 11 after deciding that he was sick of killing at their behest.

Despite having a dark past and brutal upbringing, he is a cheerful kid with a liking for chocolate. He can be rude to strangers and old people due to having been brought up in a wealthy family, which contrasts with Gon’s politeness. But unlike Gon’s apparent air-headedness, Killua is sharp and quick-witted, which is likely due to his assassin training.

Over time, while he had been overconfident with his abilities at first, he would acquire a humble and down-to-earth attitude due to his experiences in traveling with Gon and taking the Hunter Exam. He used to compare his strength with other people, but he later learned that it’s a mostly futile exercise because the truly strong can hide their power.

He also gets very embarrassed whenever he’s complimented, especially by Gon. Being a runaway, he tends to not be very open to other people, but those who are able to form a bond with him get to witness his gentle nature underneath his coldness.

But every now and then, when he has no other choice, his utter ruthlessness and killing intent comes out in the form of bloodlust, which was instilled in him at a very early age. This side of him comes out the longer he is away from Gon or if anyone dares threaten him or Gon.

Despite his skill and strength, he does have a fear of those who are seemingly stronger than him. Due to his assassin training, he was taught to engage only those who he can win against with absolute certainty. This cautious mindset is perhaps his greatest obstacle in becoming a Hunter as victory is never certain in real combat. It’s a lesson he has had to learn the hard way.

There’s also a side to Killua that was never seen until they arrived at Greed Island. It turns out that Killua has a high susceptibility to compulsive gambling. Due to his nature of being comfortable with high risk high reward scenarios, he got addicted to the slot machine. Biscuit had to forcibly put a stop to it by rendering Killua unconscious to physically take him away.

This goes to show that while he is quite mature for his age, Killua is still a kid. On the other hand, he is rational and controlled enough that he can stay calm in situations where Gon would break and give into his rage. Killua and Gon balance each other out, making them a great duo.

How to Look Like Killua

Killua’s most distinct physical feature is his spiky silver hair, pale skin, and blue eyes. The NIppon Animation OVAs changed his eye color to green. Also, hIs eyes tend to change shape depending on his current mood, especially when he gets serious and becomes the assassin he was trained to be.

At the start of the series, he’s quite lean due to the constant physical conditioning of his upbringing. As time passed, he became more muscular due to all the fighting and challenges in his journey to become a Hunter. HIs hair was longer, almost reaching down his shoulders, when he was a child.


Killua Cosplay Buying Guide

The most important part of the Killua cosplay is simply to get his hair and eyes right. The Killua costume itself actually isn’t that complicated since they’re just casual clothes. Of course, they have to be the right kind of casual clothes in order to properly evoke Killua.

The Top Killua Costumes of 2024

Typical Outfit

Killua tends to wear baggy clothes, usually consisting of long-sleeved dark-colored shirts, and they tend to be turtlenecks. He then pairs that with long and baggy shorts, especially in the manga and the Madhouse version of the anime series. The Nippon Animation version has his shorts stop above the knees.

He also wears purple boots, which were recolored brown and black in the Nippon Animation version. He is also seen carrying a green skateboard, or yellow in the Madhouse series.

If the complex yet endearing personality of Killua has caught your attention, you might also enjoy the unpredictable and captivating aura of Hisoka. For more gripping narratives with a darker undertone, “Death Note” is another must-see.

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