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Let’s take a look at what it takes to cosplay as Bowsette, a fan-made character from the Mario franchise.

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Bowsette Costumes of 2024

Discover your inner royalty

Bowsette is a fan-made, gender-swapped version of the iconic Nintendo character Bowser, imagined with characteristics of Princess Peach. With her distinct blend of villainous flair and regal beauty, she has become a captivating choice for cosplay enthusiasts.

Who is Bowsette?

Bowsette is where fandom creativity and iconic characters collide, giving birth to a truly unique blend of the Nintendo universe. She’s a fan-made, gender-swapped version of Bowser, endowed with the grace and beauty reminiscent of Princess Peach. But don’t let the elegant exterior fool you; she’s still got that fiery Bowser spirit, making her a complex character that has caught the imagination of fans worldwide. For those who love diving into alternate universes or reimagining classic characters, choosing Bowsette for your next cosplay can offer a fresh, exciting challenge with a touch of nostalgia.

How to Look Like Bowsette

Oh, you can’t mistake Bowsette for anyone else; she’s got this unique blend of ferocity and allure that’s just magnetic. Picture Bowser, but make it fashion. She rocks the horned, spiked shell like a true queen, but pairs it with a sassy, form-fitting black dress that gives Princess Peach’s gown a run for its money. And let’s not forget the fiery, flowing red hair; it’s like a visual representation of her sizzling personality. Those piercing blue eyes? They’re practically daring you to underestimate her. And honestly, with her tall, intimidating high heels and killer curves, who could? She’s a femme fatale in the world of Mario, an alluring enigma that brings a whole new level of complexity to the kingdom. Trust me, if you’re cosplaying Bowsette, prepare for heads to turn and jaws to drop. She’s not just a character; she’s a statement.



Bowsette cosplay buying guide

What to Wear:

The cornerstone of any Bowsette cosplay is a form-fitting black dress with a sweetheart neckline that really brings out her sultry vibes. You’ll need to pair this with a spiked, turtle-like shell worn on your back. You can DIY it or find one online, but this shell is non-negotiable—it’s iconic to Bowsette. Finish the outfit with tall, intimidating black high heels and a set of wickedly cool accessories like a spiked collar and matching wristbands. And let’s not forget the Super Crown that started it all; make sure it has the iconic red jewel in the center.


For hair, go with a blonde wig that captures Bowsette’s playful yet wicked aesthetic. The style to aim for is a voluminous, wavy look that screams both “royalty” and “rebel.” Adding in a couple of side bangs could further enhance the character’s mischievous demeanor. Make sure the blonde is a rich, golden hue—this isn’t the time for subtlety!


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Bowsette’s makeup is all about drama and intensity. For the eyes, aim for a smoky look that uses dark browns and golds instead of the classic black or grey. Add some false lashes to really up the ante. As for the lips, opt for a nude or light pink lipstick so that the focus remains on those mesmerizing eyes. Don’t shy away from a little contouring and highlighting either—it’ll accentuate your cheekbones and add a dash of extra drama to your look.

Now, with these elements combined, you’re all set to become the next Bowsette sensation. Whether you’re off to a convention or just looking to make waves on social media, this look will ensure you own every room you enter.

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