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Find the appropriate bits and bobs below to complete your Iron Man cosplay! 

Rubie's Marvel Avengers: Infinity War Deluxe Iron Man Child's Costume, Small
Rubie's Iron Man Toddler Costume with Mask
Rubie's Men's Marvel Avengers: Infinity War Deluxe Iron Man, Extra-Large
Rubie's Costume Co Men's Marvel Universe Supreme Edition Iron Man Costume
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Iron Man Cosplay Costumes of 2021

Discover your inner Iron Man

Iron Man is one of Marvel comics most iconic and famous characters. He is also one of the most difficult cosplay to pull off as his costume is not spandex based as most superheroes are but chunky metal like suit with a few lightings and automation. 

Who is Iron Man?

Anthony “Tony” Edward Stark is the son of the wealthy industrialist and head of Stark Industries, Howard and Maria Stark. Considered one of the most intelligent people in the whole world, he began inheriting his father’s business after his parents perished in an orchestrated car crash.

At a young age of 15, Tony entered MIT and later received master’s degrees in engineering and physics. In his later years after inheriting his father’s business, Tony was injured by a booby trap and was captured by the enemy forces led by the warlord Wong Chu. He was forced to build weapons of unimaginable destruction but Stark’s injuries are dire and the shrapnel is moving towards his heart. His fellow prisoner, Ho Yinsen who is a Nobel Prize winning physicist and who Stark admires since college days, constructs a magnetic chest plate that keeps the shrapnel from reaching his heart. In secret, both of them developed a suit of powered armor that they could use to escape imprisonment. During the escape, Yinsen sacrifices his life by distracting the enemy while Stark recharges his chest plate. He eventually escaped and rejoined the American forces. He soon grows a very increasing interest in recreating his suit based on his current needs. This is the start of the emergence of the hero Iron Man.

Copying Iron Man armor is not an easy feat since you’ll mostly rely on talent to recreate the entire suit yourself, unlike other heroes that just rely on spandex suits. Eva foam is commonly used to make cosplay armor, however this particular suit is known to take 6-12 months to create! There are a few iron man costume tutorials online but if you’d just like to buy a instant suit, then here is a list of the top Iron Man cosplays. 

How To Look Like Iron Man?

Becoming Iron-Man can become very complicated if you don’t know exactly what you’re aiming for. Iron Man is known for his armored suits and he doesn’t just have 1 or 2 suits he has a lot, in fact in the main Marvel universe or Earth 616, Iron Man has over 60 armored suits. 

Iron Man Costume Buying Guide

It would take us a considerable amount of time if we’re going to discuss all of his suits so what we’ll do is just trim it down to his most famous suits. 

Find The Top 5 Best Iron Man Costumes of 2021

Mark I

This is the very first suit that Iron Man created and used. This was his co-creation with his co prisoner, Ho Yinsenn. The suit is very basic and is made out of metallic scraps from developing weapons of mass destruction. The armored suit is metallic in color and is bulky. However it is the most advanced technology at that time since it has the ability to fly, shoot flamethrowers and has the primitive version of his iconic weapon, the unibeam.  The suit has very mechanical parts and is just enough to house himself inside. The headpiece is just a big chunk of metal that resembles a helmet with openings for his eyes and mouth.

Mark III

This is the suit that started the famous Iron Man color, red and gold. It alo started the idea that his suit must be sleek in order for him to be agile. The suit is thin enough to be mistaken for a spandex since Tony’s muscles and body shapes are forming. The suit is primarily red on the whole body area but his arms and legs and even his headpiece is gold in color. He also wears gloves and boots in red color to house his repulsor rays and his jet pack underneath his feet. His headpiece still has openings for his eyes and mouth. Lastly, a lighted arc reactor is placed on his chest.

Marv V (Iron Man 2)

This is an advanced suit that allows Tony to carry or bring his suit anywhere he goes into his briefcase. This is shown in the 2nd Iron Man movie. The suit is red and light gold and has scale like pattern coming from his arc reactor on his chest. The headpiece is now advanced as there is no longer any opening and it automatically retracts up and down to reveal his face.

Mark XLIV (Hulkbuster)

This suit is a gigantic robotic figure that’s primarily used to combat The Hulk. It houses Tony inside the chest area of the armored suit. Same with the previous entries, the suit is also red and gold but the entire suit is bulky with a lot of the mechanical part showing on the seams of the armored suit. The headpiece is a bulk half circle dome placed directly above the chest area.

Mark XXXVIII (Bleeding Edge)

This is the most intriguing armor that Tony Stark created since the entire suit is stored in his bone marrow using nano-particles. This made it possible to have his suit with him at all times. All he needed to do was give a mental command and the suit will bleed out onto his body. 

The suit is smooth and almost no seams can be seen since the suit does not rely on motors and servos for motion. Instead, the nano-particles create a second layer of artificial muscle over Stark’s body, upon which additional structures are assembled. 

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